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From a good self-massage tool to inversion tables, there are plenty of natural pain relieving and healing products for lower back pain.

And they work so much better than medication.

Here’s my list of natural low back pain relieving products to help you choose the right ones for you:

1. The Single Most Effective Reliever of Pain in Lower Back

2. The Top 3 Lumbar Traction Devices for Lower Back Pain

3. Inversion Table Reviews – Teeter Hangups vs. Ironman Inversion Table

4. Infrared Heating Pad – The Amethyst Biomat Review


And here are more useful reviews for back pain relief products, from my review blog:


1. Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots – Are They Safe and Do They Work?

2. The Truth about True Back Traction Device – True Back Review

3. Pain Relief Cream – Rub on Relief Pain Cream Review

4. Trigger Point Foam Roller – The Grid Trigger Point Foam Roller Review

5. Supplements for Back Pain – Heal n’ Soothe Review

6. Shakti Mat Review – Can the Modern Day Bed of Nails Relieve Your Back Pain?

7. Nubax Trio Review – Is it the Best Home Traction Device?

8. The Most Simple (Yet Innovative) Way to Correct Your Sitting Posture – For Good

9. The 2 Most Popular Infrared Heating Pads For Back Pain (And Do They Work?)


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