Can a Bulging Disc Heal on Its Own? (Without Professional Treatment)

Is there a way to heal or reverse a bulging disc in the lower back – naturally?

Can a bulging disc heal – without professional treatment or surgery?

The answer is YES (for some people).

There are several effective ways to promote disc bulge healing – that work FAST.

You’ll find them here – right now.

how to heal a bulging disc in lower back

Did you know that anyone could have low back bulging discs without feeling any pain?

That’s right, low back bulging disc symptoms are usually unfelt.

If you suffer from extreme lower back pain and you have self-diagnosed yourself with a bulging disc, then  I have some news for you:

You have a herniated/ruptured/slipped disc. Not a bulging disc.

But who cares about the right term now?

Bulging, herniated, compressed, slipped, ruptured, protruding discs – even doctors get confused with these – can all be effectively treated at home – naturally.

According to Dr. Walter Salubro, the potential for a disc bulge to completely resolve or return to normal is uncertain and varies from case to case.

Your goal in your bulging disc treatment should be to decrease pain, inflammation, and referral pain, stabilize the spine, and improve function, mobility, and strength.

Once you optimize this – you can find yourself symptom-free and back to your normal life.

The best treatment for a lumbar bulging disc is to help your body heal it on its own.

What Is a Lumbar Bulging or Herniated Disc?

lower back disc bulge

Discs are like miniature jelly doughnuts, exactly the right size to fit between your vertebrae. They’re made out of an outer layer of tough cartilage surrounding softer cartilage in the center.

A bulging disk looks like a hamburger that’s too big for the bun. The disc extends outside its normal place and the bulge typically affects a large portion of the disc.

Bulging is considered part of the normal aging process of the disk.

A herniated disk, on the other hand, happens when a crack in the tough outer layer of cartilage allows some of the softer inner cartilage to “escape” out of the disk.

Herniated disks are also called ruptured disks or slipped disks, and cause much more pain than compressed discs.

How to Heal a Bulging Disc Naturally

I don’t want to get into the many, many reasons why long-term OTC and prescription drugs can be dangerous to your health.

One of the things your body needs to heal a bulging disc is to increase the space between the vertebrae, which can encourage the bulged nucleus to return to its proper place. This also helps to rehydrate the disc, which promotes the natural healing of the area.

This “space increase” will also relieve your lower back pain. The pain is caused by this pressure on the nerves causing low back inflammation.

If you relieve the pressure, the pain is relieved. As simple as that.

This process is called spinal decompression (or back traction).

It relieves the pain and allows your body to heal naturally – and faster.

No medication, no surgery. And you can do spinal decompression at home – by yourself, whenever you need it.

Here’s how to heal a bulging disc naturally:

1. Decompress Your Spine

A study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Rehab Medicine looked at different body positions and how they impacted the pressure within the 3rd lumbar disc.

The researcher, Dr. Nachemson found:

When you are sitting, you experience 50% more pressure on your back then when you are standing in good posture.

Even when you lie down, you still have 25% of your standing body pressure on your spine as a result of the muscles and ligaments supporting your back.

Nachemson also found that spine decompression at an angle where 60% of your body weight is stretching your spine allows the pressure on your discs to drop to near zero.

Here are some of the best options to do spinal decompression at home:

 Inversion Therapy

The first option is to use a high-quality inversion table.

Innova heavy duty inversion table
Innova ITX 9600 – view on Amazon

An inversion table can bring dramatic pain relief in as little as 10 seconds (for some people).

But it has long-term benefits too:

Regular inversion allows your back muscles to relax, your spine to elongate, and create space for your discs.

This space is vital to the discs’ ability to naturally realign, rehydrate, and return to health – providing flexibility, shock absorption, and improved posture.

Here’s EXACTLY how to use inversion therapy for back pain

Home Traction Device – the Nubax Trio

The Nubax Trio is one of the best alternatives for inversion tables. – perfect for people who don’t like the idea of hanging upside down.

The Nubax Trio can decompress your back just as powerfully as an inversion table but is portable and much smaller – making it ideal for small places.

Nubax Trio back pain reliever
Nubax Trio view on Amazon

The Nubax Trio is easier to get in and out of and it allows you to apply as little or as much traction as is needed.


It only takes 3-6 minutes of treatment a day of leaning over and relaxing. (And it’s portable and lightweight – you can take it to your office if you have lower back pain from sitting too much).

If you prefer back decompression without kneeling – the Stamina InLine Traction Control System is your best choice.

Stamina Inline traction system for pinched nerve
Stamina Inline Traction System – view on Amazon
See the 3 best ways to do lumbar traction at home!

2. Infrared Therapy

infrared heating pad with jade stones
UTK Infrared heating pad view on Amazon

Infrared light therapy is one of the most effective yet little-known natural treatments for, well, just about anything.

Using an infrared heating pad for 30 minutes can relieve your back pain for no less than 6 hours (!!) – without medication – while enjoying many other health benefits of infrared therapy.

Unlike ordinary heating pads (I would advise you to stay away from them), which only heat the surface of your skin,  infrared heating pads are deep penetrating and completely safe.

There’s no danger of burns, skin drying, or other health risks.

Far infrared rays, which are completely invisible to the naked eye, are capable of penetrating deep into the human body (literally right down to your bones) and improving circulation in the injured area.

This allows for almost immediate pain relief while speeding up the healing of the area.

This way you are not treating the symptoms, you are taking an active step towards the complete healing of your bulging disc.

At my home, I have the Richway  Amethyst Biomat (and you couldn’t pry it from my cold dead hands), but this is a smaller and less costly (yet very good) infrared heating pad.

After months of research, I still haven’t found one testimony that infrared heating pads don’t work.

Alternatively, you can try these excellent exercises for bugling discs, in the video below:

Does a Lumbar Bulging Disc Heal on Its Own?

If you ask almost any doctor, he’ll probably tell you that there’s no easy fix for a bulging disc and that most people feel a significant improvement after about 6 weeks.

However, this prognosis is assessed if you are using conventional treatments, which include pain medication, spinal injections, and maybe – physical therapy.

Most conventional treatments usually just mask the symptoms, instead of treating the root cause.

In my experience, natural treatments such as infrared therapy and spinal decompression do a better job of healing the bulging disc, instead of just hiding the pain.

Therefore, natural treatment may bring faster and more effective results and can prevent future problems, such as a herniated disc.

Note: as with any injury, pain, or ache – consult your doctor before beginning any treatment or therapy.

To your health and happiness,


54 thoughts on “Can a Bulging Disc Heal on Its Own? (Without Professional Treatment)”

  1. I have fractured and separated SI joints from a fall. I get regular RF ablations. I just found out that my L4 is ruptured with a tear and my L5 is partially ruptured. I only have 1 kidney. I can’t do traction because when I’m done, I’m paralyzed for like 10 minutes then excruciating pain. My Chiropractors won’t touch my back anymore. What do you recommend?

    • I highly recommend spending at least an hour a day on an infrared heating pad on your lower back. Your body can heal, and the deep penetrating infrared rays will give it a daily boost of energy to do just that.

  2. Lower back pain. I am a gym user for many years. Sitanddecompress. Com worked wonders for me. I had a bulging disc l5-s1 which gave me sciatica pain. Now i am pain free

    • Hello! Thanks for the encouraging info. How often is the decompression device used? Daily? How many minutes per session? I know each person’s results differ but a guide, what is recommended? Kev

      • It depends on the type of the device – but decompression therapy can be used 3-6 times a week, starting with 5 minutes a day. Inversion therapy is used for 5-15 minutes, the Nubax Trio only needs 3-5 minutes daily.

  3. I picked up an inversion therapy machine and it cautioned that it is not to be used by anyone with a bad back. Has anyone had this warning on their machine?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. I have been diagnosed with a bulging disc; sciatia nerve pain; lower back pain; shoulder pain; tingling in legs and feet hurt; very stressful for me; I am going to therapy right now; but as soon as I leave therapy; to go home; the pain is back vehemently. I am so confused as to what is going on; but your information is very informational; I will try some to see which ones helps the most!!!

  5. I am 18 years old
    I got bulg disc inmy l4 l5 s1 from
    Last 1.5 months and i am really really stressed i have got it in gym because of bad posture
    Some doctor said that u need to stay at home and rest only
    Some say do accupressure therepy
    Some say do back stretch exercise
    I just want to ask for which i m so much stressed that

  6. Hi. I’ve suffered from bulging discs L3 – S1 for the past seven months. Ivey seen much improvement. However there’s this constant discomfort in the muddle if my back. What is the possible cause for this? At present I’m doing PT.

    • I can’t really know…but I would assume the pain has to do with the bulging discs. Once they’re healed, the pain will probably go away. But you can’t really know without tests.

  7. Hey Ann,
    Go on and get that harness 😀 IT works wonders. Lower back relief at a great level. Any mobility improvement. Sciatica pain gone 😀 Thy and it`s super relaxing.

  8. Hi, your treatment explanation above refers to buldging discs and not herniated discs? I just want to be sure I am reading this correctly. Do you think herniated discs can heal? I have L4-L5 midlune herniated discs with some spurring causing sciatica in both legs down to my feet. Do you think these methods will help me?

  9. Hi Author,

    You did a great job explaining these methods. I would try and let you know the results sooner.

    I suffer disc bulge l3-l4-l5

  10. i have purchased the harness from and it`s working amazing. If you are consistent in using it every day and follow instructions you should feel progress quite fast.

    Every case is different however i have felt loads of progress and improvement. I had a bulging disc, not so severe but enough to pinch my sciatic nerve. I can say now i am pain free 🙂

  11. I didn’t know a herniated disc occurred when a crack in the outer layer of cartilage allows softer inner cartilage to get out of the disk. My husband currently has a herniated disk and we aren’t sure what the best treatment would be for him. I will have to do some research and find a local center that can help him get this taken care of.

  12. HI I have a protruding disc in in C6/c7 . I would like to use the biomat to help with this. I am grateful I have one. can you give me some ideas on doing this? would i just lay flat on the biomat or should i prop something underneath my neck to help with the natural curve?

    also do you have any recommendations for a traction device for cervical spine?

    lastly it has been nearly 2 years since the injury occurred and the PT has told me it is unlikely the tissues are going to change . I dont believe this and I am looking forward to your suggestions.
    thank you

  13. Thank you so much for making this site. I have/had a disk bulge L4-L5. I started to use an inversion table 2 weeks ago. Pain all gone. I do exercise at the gym without weights and adjusted the exercises to protect my lower back. It helps to see that others believe in this. Do you believe that I need also to get the pad or keep on going with what I have. I do take also some supplements. Joint supplements with collagen.

    • I’m thrilled to hear about your results Stoian! Thanks for sharing it with us…:)
      Using the infrared heating pad is only needed if you experience pain. If not – it’s optional. It won’t hurt in any case. Good luck!

  14. Hi, I have sciatic nerve pain, 2 bulged discs at l4-l5, l5-s1 and also spondylolsis at l5-s1 so present I’m on pelvic traction kit and medicine’s but I’m really tensed whether it will heal or not, after treatment can i do normal routine work and specially like riding bike?

  15. Hi there
    I have diffuse disc bulge at l5-s1. How do I heal the disc naturally and will spinal compression work for me ?

  16. Hi,
    I have a herniated disc L2-3. Fifteen years ago had one at L4-5 that ended in a microdiscetomy and I don’t want to be there again!! This recent injury happened in the gym about 3 months ago. My back now feels great but now I have referring pain which burns in my calf and sometimes in the center of my back (I am guessing the site of herniation). It is very mild… I wouldn’t even call it pain… and it is on and off. I am following Stuart McGill’s Back Mechanic protocol and also got a teeter inversion table. I am super fit and have no eye troubles and feel very comfortable being upside down. I would like this nerve compression symptoms to subside completely… and am on day four of my protocol. I have been doing two sessions a day…. 4 minutes each. I would like to increase the time spent on my teeter table but don’t know if I should add more sessions or stay on longer at a time? Can you share your thoughts?
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Tracey:)

      First, I would be careful with your gym workout at this point, even if your back feels great. I would not lift or anything like that. As for increasing time on the inversion table – you have to listen to your body. If you stay more than 4 minutes and still feel good – do it. The moment you feel any uncomofort – stop.

  17. Hi i am 28 years old male who experienced pain in May in my lower back which was more of an irritation than pain but then it went on in my left leg but it was NEVER severe enough to unable me to walk. I used TENS machine for 10 days and there was no pain but as i started sitting (in good posture) it returned. Then i went for bed rest for a month and i was pain free. Now i can even bend without pain but i have leg stiffness and sitting gives my leg pain and a minor irritation at the back. So, i went for Physio-therapy. They are using Infrared heating bulb and Electromagnetic machine. But as u get diwn the table i feel irritation again which goes after an hour. At this stage i am confused what to do? Should i leave physio or What? Am i aggravating my condition? Can i use lumber support? (Some recommend it and some don’t)?
    Plz help

    P.S- I have L5 S1 disc bulge detected in MRI with a hint if annular tear.

  18. Hi
    I have a herniated disc in my l4-l5. I am 25 and i have been experiencing sciatic pain and also some numbness in my left foot at times. I was told by my dr that since my l5 is a spot of the spine that has the most movement and that surgery is my only option. Do I have any hope with this spine decompressing devices??

  19. I’m a 24 year old from Africa. Doctors here seem not to know about lumbar hernia or anything of this sort. I have lower back pain and a swollen right side. I have no money left after my insurance gave up on me for using it multiple times. I’m currently going through hell mentally and physically. Anybody out there has an advice or suggestions for me?

    • Try Bikram Yoga, but focus on the backbends and do backbend postures instead of forward bend postures when they come up. I know feeling good can seem impossible when u are all broken and low on money. Take things 1 step at a time.. If you’re in a part of africa where planting a garden is possible, I highly suggest putting some things together and building raised beds… the time u put into gardening will uplift you and take ur mind off things u don’t need to focus on, plus the food will be nourishing and beneficial. which is another part to feeling good, you need to eat more vitC if you’re feeling depressed, and get as much good foods, and clean water in ur system as possible to help ur body rebuild.. if there is no bikram style studios near you, it may be a good idea to just look up some postures on YouTube for back injuries.

      Hope you have a speedy recovery and feel great soon!

    • Walk if you can and hang on something for 20 seconds. To naturally relieve pressure on you vertebrates disc. Hang as many times as you can and then do core exercise. Stretch you back and then core exercise so the muscles can hold up you spine and you won’t pit pressure on your back.
      Hope you feel better

  20. Hi, I am Manish, right now I am on bed from last 15 days. I got my MIR it shows that I have broad bulge disc at L4/L5 and mild bulge disc at L3. Please suggest me what I do. I have pain in my back and some little bit in left leg.please suggest me

    • First you have to rest until you are able to get out of bed. I would suggest using an infrared heating pad on your back in the mean time. When you are stronger consider trying what I’ve suggested in the article. I hope you feel better soon!

    • Do NOT stay idle
      The more you can walk around the faster it will get better. But do NOT push it. Only do what you can handle. I’m sciatic right now with my right pinky toe being numbish. I get up and walk when I can take it and I only walk until the pain is starting to get too severe. Then I ice my back and try again. I notice that I can walk farther and farther. Do NOT stay idle, if you can help it

  21. Im bodybuilder 29 years old. I had lower back pain about 2 years and when i felt my lower back pain is dangerous i left gym about 2 years and when i cameback to gym i feltl my lowe pack pain again .but i sat for long time and its made pain worse with sciatica pain in my left leg spread to my toes. I dont know why at the first visit my neurologist said you need surgery. I felt sad and disappointed. After 1 month and second visit my pain was wors with sciatica pain that i didn’t have at the first visit and he repeated you need surgery. That’s big question why he put me on that situation surgery without any prevention advise to avoid surgery

  22. hi i bilveee i hi i bilveee i either have a pinched nerve or a herniated disc according to my dad, who works in nueropathy, kyropractor and sports medicine. he’s right now in romania for a buisness meeting, and will not be able to help at the moment. im a sports person currently in judo and wrestling, i wanna get back into training as soon as possible since my back is feeling better(after letting recovery and therapy for 1month) but scared of damaging it again. when do u recommend i can restart my training?

    • Jayraj,

      I think that one month is not enough recovery time, especially if you want to get back to a risky sport like judo and wrestling. I would start with something much easier and slower – Some core exercises, yoga or pilates until full recovery is achieved.

      I remind you, though, that this is my opinion only and I am not a doctor.

      I hope you feel 100% again soon!:)

  23. hi,
    i am 23 year old and i have l4 5 and l5 s1 disc bulge.
    last 1 year i have too much pain and now sciatic pain.
    dorctors all treatment not cure my pain.
    now home traction help me. my pain is 1 of 10.
    no painkiller. i just hanging to tree daily just 10 min form last 1 month.

  24. I hvve 5 herniated disked . L12-S! are all hernia to some point. I need relief without spending 12000 for PT and surgery. will these help and about long would I be looking at.

    • Robert,

      I think they really can really help ease your pain naturally, but I would opt for the infrared heating pad, which is safe, rather than the Nubax Trio, which I’m not sure is a good idea if you have 5 herniated disks.

      It will help you to read the testimonials of real users on Amazon and see how this has helped them, you can see them if you click here:

      • Smoke a little weed then hang upside down. It will relax u to the max witch will help ur body a lot when hanging up side down. I’m getting rid of a lot of pain with weight loss eating better taking vitamins plus really good fish oil pills..

        • Hi
          I have l4 l5 and l5 s1 diffused disc bulge and i was feeling some pain while bending and lifting weights but i took a best rest of 2 to 3 months due to lockdown and has did some stretching exercises now i am pain free but i gets tingling in my right leg if i sit crossed leg for 5 to 10 min and it goes as i uncross my legs but it again come after 5 to 10 min what should i do??


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