The Danger of Lower Back Pain Pills

How many times did you automatically reach for your (favorite) OTC pain reliever to put a stop to your lower back pain?

Next time, think twice before you do that. The US Department of Health website published a warning about certain pain killers that spike your blood pressure and raise your odds for heart disease and strokes.

lower back pain pills
Little pills, big blood pressure

The quoted a new study recently published in the American Journal of Medicine:

“Patients with high blood pressure and coronary artery disease who took NSAIDs regularly had a 47 percent increase in the rate of death as well as nonfatal heart attack and stroke. After a period of five years, those rates jumped to 126 percent for death and 66 percent for heart attack, the investigators found.”

If you think this is not relevant for you, because you don’t have a high BP or a coronary disease, I would like to (gently) remind you that there is a possibility that you just don’t that you have a high BP or have no idea how healthy is your heart right now, simply because you don’t get tested every year (like most of us, I think).

It that’s not enough, a newer study reveals that certain pain killers can suddenly spike your blood pressure even if you don’t have an underlying condition, and your doctor will probably not suspect that this is the cause of your sudden high BP.

Such drugs include contraceptive pills, various anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory pills to control pain and bacterial antibiotics. (The data source is here)

Though high BP is a known side-effect of many of these drugs, doctors do not always account for them in their treatment plans, and they don’t inform patients of their potential risks, according to a university statement.

Can We Really Trust Lower Back Pain Pills?

Just because a lower back pain pills  can be obtained without a prescription, it doesn’t mean you can assume it’s always safe. You have to be aware of the risks and find safer alternatives to stop pain in lower back.

To find out about the top 5 most dangerous pain killers – Read this article – Right now.

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