Inversion Table Reviews: Teeter Hangups vs. Ironman Gravity 4000

inversion table reviews

We can’t argue with numbers: the Teeter Hangups and the Ironman inversion tables are the two best-selling home inversion tables in 2016.

But how to choose between them? what’s the difference between them and why are The Teeter tables more expensive than the Ironman tables?

This inversion table reviews guide has all the answers researched for you.

Ready? Let’s go.

The Most Important Factor in Choosing an Inversion Table

Before we go into the Teeter vs. Ironman duel, it’s important to emphasize the most important factor in buying an inversion table – safety.

When you trust your back and neck to a piece of equipment while hanging upside down, you better know that you can count on it.

A low quality gravity table, that’s not sturdy enough, can result in a fall and a spinal injury. That’s why looking for a bargain when buying a gravity table is a BAD idea.

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Teeter EP-560 vs. Ironman IFT 4000

I’ve decided to make a comparison between the most popular Teeter table – The EP 560 – and the most popular Ironman inversion table – Gravity 4000.

1. Dimensions – the Teeter is 48 x 27 x 61 inches and weighs 68 pounds. The Ironman is 49 x 26 x 65 inches and weighs 83 pounds.

2. Comfort – both tables have leg clamps and ankle cushions, but for “bigger” men (6’4″, 220 pounds and up), the leg clamps of the Ironman are more comfortable.

For others, there is no difference in the comfort level.

3. Storage – both tables can be folded for storage, but the Teeter is easier, as the Ironman requires a wrench and the Teeter does not.

So is with the assembly – the Ironman requires a wrench while the Teeter doesn’t.

4. Inversion table exercises –  the Teeter allows you to move further from your back when fully inverted, which allows more freedom to do more exercises without bumping the back.

5. Footrest – the footrest on the Teeter table is easier to adjust, which is especially important for taller and heavier men.

6. Weight support – the Teeter supports up to 300 pounds, while the Ironman supports up to 350 pounds. The Ironman is the highest weight capacity inversion table in the market.

7. Warranty –  The Teeter has 5-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee (If you buy on Amazon). The Ironman warranty depends on where you buy it.

8. Inversion angles – the Teeter has preset angles at 20, 40, and 60 degrees, and allows for full inversion. The same goes for the Ironman.

9. Price – the Teeter EP 560 has the lowest price of all Teeter models. The Ironman Gravity 4000 best price is this.

To sum it up, here’s our full comparison in a table form:

Teeter HangupsIronman Gravity 4000
Weight support300 lbs350 lbs
User height capacity4'8" - 6'6"4'8" - 6'6"
Leg clamps & ankle cushionsYESYES
Inverting degreesPre-set angles 20/40/60
Or any desirable angle
Up to 90 degrees
Full inversionYESYES
Dimensions48 x 27 x 61 inches49 x 26 x 65 inches.
Warranty5 years1 year for the frame
Money back guarantee90 days on AmazonNot specified
Best PriceOn AmazonOn Amazon

Why Is the Teeter More Expensive Than the Ironman?

The Teeter and the Ironman are probably the two top-rated inversion tables today, but:

As you can see, the Teeter hangups models all cost more than the Ironman. In our opinion, this price difference is more about brand authority and popularity and less about quality, but in the end, it’s up to you.

And the Winner is…

The Teeter Hangups – 4.7 rating.

The Ironman Gravity 4000 gets a 4.5 rating.

And these are the reasons:

1. The Teeter Company is well established with more than 20 years of experience and more than 80 product upgrades behind them.

2. They are the only inversion table manufacturers that are UL1647 tested.  This guarantees key safety requirements to ensure the endurance and strength of each unit.


No matter which inversion table you decide to buy, we urge you to make sure you go with a well-known manufacturer with a good reputation, so you don’t fall off the device and hurt your back or neck, right?

To your health and happiness,


12 thoughts on “Inversion Table Reviews: Teeter Hangups vs. Ironman Gravity 4000”

  1. Teeter has made the choice not to make portable inversion tables for extremely obese individuals. This keeps the cost down, keeps the weight of the unit down, and should encourage those that are extremely obese that what they need even more than an inversion table is to lose weight. By the way, no store would allow a 367 pound individual to try out a Teeter. (The units are chain locked in the stores.) Nor would anyone in their right mind. I’m 6’5″ tall and 225-230 lbs. But a couple of years back when I hit 238 lbs. I decided right then and there I would not let myself become obese. Being overweight is a decision. You have to take responsibility for your actions. One of the things that is quite true about the Teeter is that you should absolutely be able to come up from being inverted without using the bars to pull yourself up. If you have to use the bars to get yourself back up, then you probably have a serious weight problem, a cheap unit, or both. Teeter = quality. Ironman = 2nd rate! Oh, Ironman has stated that they use memory foam, which means it will conform to your body as you sink into it, just like my memory foam bed. Having said all that, Health Mark Pro Max is for those up to 600 lbs. but is not portable. Lastly, Roger Teeter is not small. He is of normal size. Now, Lou Ferrigno, who is 6’5″ tall at one time weighed 300-350 lbs. but he was a professional bodybuilder. So if that’s the case…

  2. I live my daily life dependent on my Ironman inversion table. I am a Bigger man, 367lbs and the Ironman has NO problem supporting me. I tried the teeter and it was just too flimsy .The Ironman has a padded grab bar that extends further down that I can pull myself up. Roger Teeter is a small man… I am literally looking at his infomercial now..and why I decided to come here and see the difference. Ill be honest..i bought my Ironman off of EBAY for $50 bucks and the shipping was free. It was only missing a side cover which to don’t need….there are no pinch points to be concerned about. Im not knocking the Teeter, but I can say if you are a larger framed person, the Ironman will probably be a better choice.. I have spinal stenosis and this thing helps me to keep it moving Daily!!!! My vote is for the Ironman …Teeters plastic felt like it was going to give out on me..and eventually who knows.. The Foam on the Ironman doesn’t sink your body like someone mentioned…its actually more comfortable. Based on price, alone is not an effective way to choose…try them BOTH out and decide…thats how I chose..

    hope this helps,,

    • Darren,

      So the inversion gives you some (temporary) relief from spinal stenosis? How long do you use the table and at what angle? How long does your relief last?


  3. Great review. Was very helpful in getting a comparison between the two brands. FYI: It is now the end of Jan 2015 and the price difference is still $130+.

  4. I don’t think they should be rated that close. The body slides much easier on the Teeter than on the Ironman, which uses memory foam. Most all of the cheaper units use foam, and you’re not going to slide as easily when the body sinks into it. That means you have to go to a steeper angle on the Ironman and other cheaper units. Also, the Teeter allows for air circulation for the back, which means a lot less sweating during hot months. The Teeter has presuggested angles marked on the strap, but it can be used at any angle. Also, the Teeter has many accessories available, while the Ironman does not. Further, the Teeter uses carbon steel and is of Medical Grade quality. I doubt the The Ironman is. The Teeter EP-550 also has Flex Technology so that the surface you lay on shifts with the body, which makes it better for stretching in different directions. So personally, I would put the Teeter at 5 and the Ironman at maybe 4, at the most. There truly is a huge difference!

  5. In comparison to the teeter or ironman cost is a factor. You said $30.00 difference which in fact it is $130.00 dollars. And only 4.7-4.5 the actual winner would be a tie. I think you are misleading your consumers.

    • Beverly,

      The Ironman price you see right now is just temporary, it’s on a huge discount on Amazon, but it’s not the usual price, which is about 290$.

      Thank you for commenting though and I hope I did help:)


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