The 7 Best Natural Cures for Lower Back Inflammation

lower back inflammation

No matter the cause of your lower back pain – the pain you experience is caused by one thing: Inflammation. How to know what’s causing your inflammation in the lower back? How to eliminate the pain without depending on painkillers? In this detailed guide, you’ll find all the answers: the common causes, the ultimate natural …

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How to Reverse Disc Degeneration in Lower Back – Naturally (& Fast)

For many people diagnosed with lumbar degenerative disc disease, the daily struggle involves chronic pain, limited movement, stiffness, difficulty bending, standing for long periods, trouble sleeping, and in severe cases – anxiety and depression. In this post, you’ll find the 6 best home treatments for DDD relief, including the best exercises, home traction devices, self-massage, …

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How to Reverse a Pinched (Compressed) Nerve in Lower Back

When it comes to healing from a pinched nerve in the lower back, early diagnosis is critical to prevent further damage and complications. But what’s really confusing is that you’ll be offered the exact same pinched nerve “treatment”, whether you’re diagnosed earlier or later. Pills. The average doctor will teach you absolutely nothing about fixing …

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