The 7 Best Natural Cures for Lower Back Inflammation

lower back inflammation

No matter the cause of your lower back pain – the pain you experience is caused by one thing: Inflammation. How to know what’s causing your inflammation in the lower back? How to eliminate the pain without depending on painkillers? In this detailed guide, you’ll find all the answers: the common causes, the ultimate natural …

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How to Reverse Disc Degeneration in Lower Back – Naturally (& Fast)

For many people diagnosed with lumbar degenerative disc disease, the daily struggle involves chronic pain, limited movement, stiffness, difficulty bending, standing for long periods, trouble sleeping, and in severe cases – anxiety and depression. In this post, you’ll find the 6 best home treatments for DDD relief, including the best exercises, home traction devices, self-massage, …

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The Best Sleep Position Back Pain From Herniated Disc

sleep positions for lower back pain

Here’s why sleeping positions for lumbar herniated disc are so important: A few simple modifications to your sleep position can help take the load off your lower back while allowing you a full night’s sleep and faster recovery – from herniated or bulging discs. Let’s start with the worst sleep position for herniated disc: The …

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