The Single Most Effective Reliever of Pain in Lower Back

Last updated: July 2017. Did you know that one of the best back pain relievers of all time is completely free?

infrared light therapy for back pain

Most of us (and sadly our doctors as well) have lost all contact with nature and completely forgot about all the amazing remedies and cures that it offers all of us – totally free of charge.

When was the last time you tried the healing energy of the sun to relieve your lower back pain, instead of running to the medicine cabinet?

 That’s right. The sun rays are a powerful pain relieving aid, capable of not only relieving lower back pain, but speeding up the recovery of the injured area, through its infrared healing rays.

And it’s completely free.

What Exactly are Infrared Rays and What They “Do”?

Like all of us, you have enjoyed the soothing and therapeutic benefits of infrared heat hundreds of times – without even knowing it. You can’t see it, but you can definitely feel it.

Have you noticed how relaxing it is to lay out in the sun, even for a couple of minutes?

1. The radiant infrared heat, generated by the sun, actually heats you directly, all the way to your bones, rather than just warm up the air around you, like electricity heat does.

2. This deep penetrating infrared heat gets your blood flowing, increases circulation and speeds up the “delivery” of anti-inflammation and healing components to every aching part of your body. It relaxes your muscles and all the tissues around them,

[yellowbox]They detoxify and rejuvenate your body all the way to a cellular level.[/yellowbox]

More and more studies claim that infrared light therapy is beneficial for cancer patients, arthritis, fibromyalgia, cardiac health problems, stress and anxiety, skin problems and any type of inflammation and pain.

The 2 Main Problems with “Free Sun Treatment”

1. The sun is not always available to us. You can’t relieve lower back pain with the sun at night. You can’t stop the pain when it’s raining. It’s simply not available 24/7.

2. The sun also emits UV rays, which can damage your skin and cause skin cancer (if you are not “using” them correctly).

The Solution

[yellowbox]Infrared light therapy allows you to reap the benefits of the powerful and healing energy of the sun – When ever you need it and without exposing yourself to the potentially harmful UV rays.[/yellowbox]

This is not just a theory of mine; it’s a scientifically proven fact.

For example, a 2006 randomized, controlled study found that small, portable infrared light therapy units were dramatically effective in reducing low back pain – without ANY side effects.

Many professional athletes have been known to use this type of heat to relieve aches, pains and strains, and also to help move along the healing process – without medication or surgery.

How to Use Infrared Light Therapy at Home

You can easily bring this easy to use, cost-effective and safe treatment to your home and enjoy all the incredible infrared heating pad benefits.

infrared heating pad with jade stones
UTK Infrared Heating Pad – see how it helped others


Watch this short video to see how infrared therapy can help your back pain:

There are a few types of infrared light therapy devices, which basically contain small LEDs that emit infrared light.

1. Infrared Heating PAD

An infrared heating pad is a good choice if your pain is localized in one area in your back – such as the lower or upper back.

The popular UTK Infrared Heating pad comes in 3 sizes – Small (19 x 15 x 0.5 inches ), medium (21 x 30 x 0.2 inches) and full body.

You simply lie on the pad and relax while the pain slowly goes away, lasting for about 6 hours (!!). No pain killers, no skin burns (like the electrical heating pads) and no adverse effects.

If you are still not sure why the infrared heating pad is so superior to electrical pads – This article explains it clearly.

I have at home the Richway Amethyst Biomat, because it covers my whole back all the way down to my legs, plus I enjoy the health benefits of the Amethyst stones.

It helps me fall asleep in 5 minutes if I have any trouble sleeping and it makes me sweat and detoxify effectively, without suffering from heat.

2. Infrared Heating Panels

DPL Light Therapy
DPL Light Therapy – see more reviews & check today’s price

The high-rated DPL light therapy system for pain combines red & infrared light therapy via 2 relatively large panels.

This type of device is a good choice if you (or your family) have different areas of pain to treat.

For lower back pain, you simply lie on the panels. But if you have joint pain or muscle pain anywhere in your body, you can strap these panels anywhere you need them.

You can even safely wrap the panels around your head to relieve a headache without medication.  The options are unlimited.

See my detailed review for the DPL Light Therapy System.

3. Infrared Lamp/Handheld Device

Baby Quasar Red
Baby Quasar Red – check today’s price

An infrared lamp is obviously better for localized pain. But you can’t really strap it around the problem area.

A handheld device, such as the DPL Nuve, or the Baby Quasar Red, require that you actively hold the device near the painful area and the treatment time is longer, because the head is much smaller than panels, or a pad.

But, this device comes handy if your wife happens to be interested in the anti-aging and skin care benefits of red light therapy (acne, eczema, psoriasis and more).

You can see all the beauty benefits of handheld red light therapy devices.

4. Portable Infrared Sauna

portable infrared sauna
Radiant Saunas portable infrared sauna – get more info

A portable infrared sauna is actually a portable infrared sauna. It covers your whole body and relieves pain anywhere you have it.

But an infrared blanket has more amazing uses:

– It allows you a full-body detox (you’ll sweat a lot but won’t suffer from the heat like in a conventional sauna)

– It helps you burn calories, it elevates your heart rate (just like if you were exercising!)

– It lowers blood pressure and it’s even claimed to be able to remove heavy metals from your body.

Personally I think that everyone should have this remarkable health-aid at home, instead of a medicine cabinet full of drugs.

Infrared Light Therapy Can Reduce Your Medical Bills

Though it’s not free like the sun, and infrared home device is one-time cost, that can keep you pain-free for life. It’s available to you anytime you need it and eliminates the need for any pain killers or unnecessary surgeries.

That’s it folks, I could go on and on about infrared light therapy because it’s hands down the best reliever for pain in lower back, or any other pain, by far.

Did you ever try infrared light therapy for your pain? Share your experience in the comments..

To your health and happiness,


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  1. i have scoliosis. I am 86 yrs. old and have suffered with back pain for about 10 years, on and off. More painful over the last two years. Doctors, physios plus numerous tablets eleviate the pain slightly. But I love the sun and decided to bare my back to the sun and after 5 – 10 minutes the pain diminished somewhat. As soon as I came indoors again it gradually came back. So I went out again 1/2 hr. later and did the same thing. Same result. I intend doing this every day when possible.


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