11 Shocking Statistics About Lower Back Pain Medication

All you want is for the pain to go away.To give you a break, so you can think straight again.

So you reach for the most available and easy solution and take another pain-killer.

“It must be safe”, you think to yourself, why else would my trusted doctor prescribe it to me? Why can I easily get it over the counter? Wouldn’t someone warn me if pain killers were really dangerous?


The answer is NO.

Your doctor will not warn you about the possible damage that lower back pain medication can do to you in the long run. His livelihood depends on pharmaceutical companies.

The drug companies, getting richer every day, will obviously not publish these statistics that you are about to learn. You won’t hear it on the news either.

Pharma companies spend 5 billion dollars on TV advertising alone and no one wants to upset such a huge customer.

These statistics were published on the Healthy Back Institute website not long ago; take a look at these frightening numbers:

Lower Back  Pain Medication Frightening Statistics

1. Over 100,000 people die each year from prescription drug side effects in the U.S. alone. This does NOT include deaths from doctors accidentally prescribing the wrong drugs, nor from pharmacists filling the prescription incorrectly, nor from patients overdosing. It is from “side effects”!

2. Pharmaceutical companies spend almost TWICE as much on marketing – around $60 billion annually — as they do on research.

And what they do spend on research is largely for drugs that merely treat diseases, and compete with other drug companies’ treatment drugs, not drugs that cure diseases (curing disease would be highly unprofitable for them!)

3. 56% of this marketing is free samples, and 25% is “detailing” of physicians.

4. One in five prescriptions filled for those over the age of 65 are classified as a “drug of concern,” meaning potentially severe adverse effects”.

5. U.S. hospitalizations for poisonings by prescription drugs, including opiods, sedatives, and tranquilizers increased a total of 65% between 1999 and 2006 alone. Those hospitalized were most likely to be women over age 34.

6. The rates of death from these poisonings by prescription drugs have surpassed motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause of unintentional injury death.

7. Meanwhile in England, prescriptions for strong painkiller drugs have seen a 400% increase in the past ten years

8. There are typically NO deaths from vitamins or dietary supplements in the U.S. in any given year. In 2007, the latest year for available statistics on this from the U.S. National Poison Data System, the sum total was zero deaths.

9. Medical errors may result in between 44,000 and 98,000 preventable deaths and over 1,000,000 excess injuries in the U.S. Of these, medication errors are the most common medical mistakes.

10. 400,000 preventable drug-related injuries occur each year in hospitals, 800,000 in long-term care settings, and roughly 530,000 among Medicare recipients in outpatient clinics.

11. Pharmaceutical companies spend almost TWICE as much on marketing – around $60 billion annually — as they do on research. And what they do spend on research is largely for drugs that merely treat diseases, and compete with other drug companies’ treatment drugs, not drugs that cure diseases (curing disease would be highly unprofitable for them!). (Source is here)


Is There NO Other Way to Relieve Low Back Pain?

When your lower back hurts, sometimes taking pain killers is necessary, don’t get me wrong. But if you use it more that once a month or so, it’s time to consider natural alternatives – Right now.

If you are still not convinced, check out this article about the 5 most dangerous pain killers (a few more facts no one will tell you about).

 Taking pain killers should be a last resort option, just like most people consider surgery to be. There are scientifically proven pain relievers that are natural and safe and you can start to take advantage of them today.

Don’t trust your health with anyone but yourself. YOU are the one that should own your health and you can do that by knowing all the facts before you do something. Pain killers are advertised as a cure, but they are NOT.

They are only a band-aid. A temporary solution that hides your symptoms and make you forget about the real cause that you have to deal with (if you want to get healthy, that is) – The root cause of lower back pain.

What do you think? Do you trust pain killers? The drug companies? Did you know about these facts? Share your thought with me below.

To your health ans happiness,



Here’s more about the dangers of prescription pain medication:

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  1. This article strikes the nail on the head, but the major problem with natural medicine is that they have not been licensed to destroy like the conventional medicine. Identifying potent and safe natural remedies for serious pains like lower back pains is like looking for needle in the haystack. In my herbal medicinal practice I have come to realize that only very few patients after exhausting all the conventional treatment, give some chance to natural alternative as the last resort. In other to convince some patients, I sometimes give free trial dose. In Africa, we are aware that there are two levels of lower back pains. The first level responds to appropriate herbal treatment but our traditional and cultural beliefs also confirms that some of the pains arise out of spiritual attack and in such cases, the remedies are also along the trado-magical approach. I have a friend , a medical surgeon who had a serious lower back pain which got worse over a period of six months and he had to attend the orthopedic hospital for the last 4 months for massage, physiotherapy, exercise etc. and was using loads of analgesics without any relief. When I suggested that he should try a trado-magic remedy, he was scornful but when the pain was becoming unbearable for him, he agreed for a trial and he confessed to me that he got 40% improvement after a week of trial and the current level of relief according to him is 85%. He has since discontinued with the hospital treatment and the constant use of loads of analgesics.


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