Severe Lower Back Pain: How to Relieve it Naturally

Is your pain becoming too much to bear?

Severe lower back pain can restrict your movement, your ability to bend, sit or walk. Sometimes the pain radiates to your legs, and makes you want to scream.

 What could be causing it? Should you go to the ER or just wait for a doctor’s appointment? How can you get some relief until you can think straight again?

severe lower back pain

First: Should You Go to the ER?

While not common, certain back pain symptoms are a sign of a medical emergency that may become life threatening or result in disability, if you don’t get checked by an experienced physician right away.

6 Signs That Severe Lower Back Pain Requires Urgent Care

 1. Loss of bowel and bladder control

2. Leg weakness that progresses fast.

3. Severe stomach pain (so much that you can’t stand straight) along with the low back pain

4. Fever with increased pain and the fever doesn’t respond to common fever reducers.

5. Progressive numbness in the hips, legs and crotch

6. Loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss, nausea, vomiting, chills and shakes.

 Short-Term Relief

back pain pills

 All you want right now is for the pain to go away, right? 

Most people just self medicate themselves, popping pain killers like their candy.

I’m not a doctor, but I feel that you should have all the information about these drugs before you use them, especially if you use them more than just once or twice.

Prescription and OTC pain killers can be addictive, accompanied with frightening side effects and potentially dangerous to your liver, kidneys and heart (not much you can do without those…).

 Try to avoid the top 5 dangerous pain killers and try natural pain relievers. Maybe you’ll be surprised and how effective and safe they are (but not combined with other medication, in that case check with a doctor first).

I personally recommend this natural anti inflammatory.

The Natural Alternatives for Severe Back Pain

1. Lower back pain stretches – I know about one specific stretch that can immediately relieve lower back pain (except if it was caused by trauma of course) – You can see exactly how to do it – Right Here. (Opens in a new window)

2. Heating pad – It will bring you temporary relief, until you turn it off and then the pain will probably come back. That’s why I always recommend a Far Infrared heating pad. The invisible red light penetrates deeper in the tissues and promotes the healing of the tissues, not just relieving the pain.

3. Ice and heat – The best way to speed up the healing process is by helping the body deliver the healing components better and faster. In other words, speed up blood circulation.

This is what ice and heat therapy does. Apply ice immediately for 20 minutes. Remove for 20 minutes and re apply the ice for 20 minutes more. Don’t just leave the ice on the muscle, use it to rub and massage the muscle. You can do this up to 72 hours.

4. Systemic Enzyme TherapyProteolytic enzymes are naturally produced by our body to help it fight inflammation, dissolve scar tissue, cleanse the blood and boost our immune system.

They are the final line of defense against disease and pain. Most adults do not have enough if these enzymes, due to bad nutrition, stress and unhealthy lifestyle.

You can help your body and give it these missing enzymes from a natural source. The results are fast. You can read more about systemic enzyme therapy – Here.

Long Term Solution and Complete Healing (Yes, It’s Possible!)

Lower back pain causes

Once your pain is temporarily relieved, take a decision. Decide that you are willing to put some work into healing your back pain and eliminating the cause of it.

Your body gives you pain to wake you up and see there’s a problem – It is asking for your help!

I guarantee that the pain will not just fade away on its own. You have to find out the cause of it and treat it accordingly.

The Possible Causes for Severe Low Back Pain

Most of the time, back pain develops as a slow process. Starting with a dole ache and becoming worse and worse with time, while gradually not responding to rest, walk and even pain killers.

If the pain radiates to your leg or legs, it could means that you are having disc involvement in the spine (bulging disc, slipped disc or the spinal nerves are becoming involved (pinched nerve).

If the pain doesn’t radiate, the reason is probably muscular.

If the pain is sudden and just came out of nowhere, the possible causes are compression fractures to the spine, fracture of the spinal cord, muscle spasm, herniated disk, sciatica, spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal) strain or tears to muscles or ligaments supporting the back.

What Are Muscle Imbalances?

There’s one thing in common with all these lower back pain causes. Whether it’s a bulging, herniated, ruptured disc, or just muscle spasms, inflammations, tears and strains.

Most of them are (except for trauma) developed due to muscle imbalances. Simply put, muscle imbalances happen when you have over developed muscles in one area of your body while the opposing area are weak and stretched out of their normal position.

This causes pressure on the spine and nerves causing all sorts of lower back pain. You must correct the muscular imbalances – Relaxing tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles.

But, how do you know which muscles you have strengthen and which to relax? What exactly should you do?

Muscle balance therapy will help you diagnose your muscle imbalances and “fix” them accordingly. This will not only help your body heal itself naturally, but prevent the problem from returning in the future.

The ultimate plan is to combine this with other natural treatments like the ones I mentioned above.

Ignoring the root cause of your pain is the main reason that so many people end up undergoing these awful back surgeries (accepting the risks of anesthesia, enduring months of painful recovery), that often don’t even work.

Even those who had a “successful” surgery often start experiencing severe lower back pain again after some time.

It’s because the root cause of their problem was never treated. Muscle imbalances were not fixed.  Only the symptoms were masked, hidden and shoved under the rug.

 To your health & happiness



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