Lower Back Pain Natural Treatments

lower back pain natural treatments

There is no pill that can cure lower back pain. And there will probably never be one.

Lower back pain medications only mask the symptoms and make you dependant on them, while burdening your liver and kidneys, sometimes until real damage is caused.

Steroid/epidural shots are the same, while being even riskier.

Here’s my list of natural treatments and alternative therapies for lower back pain, most of them more effective than conventional medicine, but without the side effects!

1. The Complete List of DIY Lower Back Pain Relievers (& Cures)

2. The 3 Most Effective Relievers of Muscle Knots in Back (That Your Doctor Forgot to Mention)

3. Low Back Sciatica Home Treatment (That Works)

4. The 5 Most DANGEROUS Lower Back Pain Treatments (And Their SAFE Alternatives)

5. The Single Most Effective Reliever of Pain in Lower Back

6. The Top 5 Solutions for Pain in Lower Back From Standing

7. 5 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Fall Asleep With (out) Back Pain

8. How to Easily Treat Lower Back Stiffness Naturally (At Home)

9. Epidural Steroid Injection vs. Spinal Decompression

10. How to Recover From Lower Back Injury Naturally and Fast

11. The Top 2 Natural (Yet Fast) Ways to “Unbulge” a Bulging Disc in Lower Back

12. Natural Treatments for Herniated Lumbar Disc

13. 2 Simple Steps to Cure Pinched Nerve in Lower Back – Naturally

14. Muscle Spasm in Back – What’s Causing it and How to STOP It

 15. 10 Fascinating Facts You Don’t Know About Inversion Therapy


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