10 Ways to Cure Lower Back Pain at Home (Naturally)

lower back pain relievers

It’s not a terminal disease and it won’t kill you, but lower back pain can sometimes make you wish you were dead.

Or at least unconscious for a while.

Stabbing pain, shooting pain, radiating pain, dull annoying pain, or even seriously debilitating pain – lower back pain can make the toughest person burst into tears.

I’m here to prove to you that you can cure your lower back pain at home – naturally – and all you have to do is make that decision.

The 11 Best Home Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Ready? here we go.

1. DIY Back Brace

A back brace can be beneficial for acute lower back pain, caused by an injury (herniated disc, a fall, an accident, etc.). But did you know you can easily make a homemade back brace, using only a simple yoga strap?

All you have to do is take the strap, place it over your upper back and hold the ends in your hands.

Next, drape each end of the strap over its shoulder, and cross it in the back, holding the ends in each hand.

Now, pull the straps a bit until you feel some pull in your trapezius muscles. You’ll feel it in your shoulder blades as well.

Finally, secure the ends at the front.

Here’s a video demonstrating how easy this can be done:

2. Posture Correctors

If your low back pain is caused by poor sitting posture, the best way to fix it is obviously by correcting your sitting posture.

Most people may choose to do this by using a back brace, but using a back brace for too long may weaken your back muscles and make you dependent on it, and we don’t want that.

Another easy way to correct your sitting posture and increase mobility at the office (or home office) is by switching your office chair with a balance ball chair.

balance ball chair for posture correction
Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair – view at Gaiam

Another option is an electronic posture corrector trainer, which acts as an overprotective mother who never lets you slouch. It’s a device that uses sensors to track and analyze your posture and provide real-time feedback to the wearer.

bets electronic posture corrector trainer
Upright GO S Posture Corrector – view on Amazon

With time, you get used to sitting straight and you won’t need it anymore

3. Anti Inflammation Supplements

If for any reason you can’t add all the necessary foods and herbs to your daily meals, you can always use 100% natural anti-inflammation supplements.

This one, for example, contains systemic enzymes, Turmeric, Ginger, Bromelain, Papain, Boswellia, Devil’s Claw, L-Glutathione, Vitamin E, and a few more powerful anti-inflammation herbal extracts.

I would also recommend taking a Turmeric supplement, which is one of the most powerful natural pain relievers of all time.

4. Self-Massage Tools

self massage 2
Body Back Buddy Self Massage Tool

Massage and trigger point therapy are especially helpful for lower back pain and can reduce your need for pain killers to a minimum.

They’re especially helpful for back muscle knots and muscle stiffness.

If you can’t (like most of us) call a massage therapist whenever your back hurts, self-massage tools are a great alternative.

No matter if you use a trigger point foam roller or the Theracane, these self-massage tools can instantly relieve your pain while driving more nutrient-filled blood to your injured area, thus speeding up natural healing.

5. Spinal Decompression

inversion tables for lower back pain
Teeter Fitspine X1 Inversion Table – view at Teeter

Spinal decompression, which is probably the first thing a chiropractor uses to treat bulging and herniated discs (and sciatica), can also be done by yourself, at home, anytime you need it, and for a fraction of the cost.

A high-quality spinal decompression machine will help you just as much as the fancy DRX 9000 at the chiropractor’s office, for a fraction of the cost.

Spinal decompression can provide near-instant back pain and sciatica relief by removing pressure placed on nerves where they exit your vertebrae (by reversing the direction of compression along the spine).

Even a mild increase in space brings a mild suction effect which allows bulging and even herniated discs to return to their proper position.

There are a few options here, such as inversion tables and back stretchers.

👉See my post about how to do back traction at home to find out which one is right for your situation.

6. Nutrition & Diet

To allow your body to heal itself properly, you’ll have to give it the right fuel.

This means reducing your intake of inflammatory foods and adding anti-inflammation foods (all vegetables and fruit, for starters) and superfoods such as Turmeric, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, onions, and garlic.

Another crucial part of preventing and curing lower back pain is of course keeping a healthy weight.

But don’t run away just yet – you don’t have to start a diet!

Dieting and counting calories are probably the worst ways to lose weight in the long run. You can see why (and the better alternative) – HERE.

7. Topical Pain Relievers

rub on relief back pain cream
Rub On Relief Back Pain Cream 

Using an all-natural pain relieving cream is a great way to deal with low back muscle pain and stiffness.

But not all pain relief creams are created equal and most of them are what I call “distraction creams”. They only distract you away from the pain through a heating-burning sensation.

Plus, most OTC creams are full of chemicals that you don’t want swimming in your bloodstream,

The Rub On Relief cream, though, is made from 100% natural ingredients, which penetrate the skin and provides real and long-lasting pain relief in about 5-10 minutes (plus it’s not greasy or sticky and it doesn’t smell).

8. Anti-Fatigue Mats

anti fatigue mat to prevent lower back pain
Anti Fatigue Mat – view on Amazon

If your low back pain is caused by prolonged standing (at work, in the kitchen, etc), you can find more than one drug-free way to prevent it.

Standing for a long period of time – whether for cooking, doing loads of laundry or working – causes stress to your whole body, especially in your feet, joints, and lower back.

While standing, your leg muscles are in a constant state of flexion, which reduces blood and oxygen flow throughout your body causing fatigue and pain.

An anti-fatigue gel mat has a shock-absorbing gel core that cradles your feet providing extra support and cushion. This can prevent your low back pain.

For me, it has made cooking (for hours) pleasant again and back-pain-free.

9. Acupressure Mats

A high-quality acupressure mat (the modern-day bed of nails) is a low-cost yet effective way to greatly increase blood circulation and thus healing of your lower back.

Though at first glance, lying on it may seem like using a torture tool, it actually results in great pain and stress relief, so much that I can fall asleep in 5 minutes of using it.

10. Core Exercises

core exercise

Exercise and physical activity are crucial parts of your natural treatment for lower back pain.

Strengthening your core muscles is needed to help them support your spine properly and avoid further injuries and pain.

But not all exercises are good for low back pain problems. In fact, some of the most common and popular exercises can make your lower back pain WORSE and further your injury.

👉 Here are 8 popular exercises to avoid and their safe alternatives.

11. Infrared Light Therapy

infrared heating pad
UTK Infrared Heating Pad – view on Amazon

Infrared light therapy is by far my favorite natural pain-relieving method.

I use my infrared heating pad or infrared mat for fast relief from all aches and pains and it works marvelously – every time.

An infrared heating pad is like a warm hug from the sun for your sore muscles.

Infrared heating pads are much better than regular electric heating pads because infrared rays penetrate deeper into your skin and tissues, boost blood circulation and emit negative ions (through semi-precious stones) that relieve your stress while you are feeling the pain melt away.

Why Natural Lower Back Pain Relievers are Better

A holistic approach to low back pain treatment will always be superior to conventional medicine.

Seeing your body as a whole, and not as a bunch of organs to be treated separately, is the only way to achieve lasting and long-term cure for your lower back pain.

You can help your body fight inflammation through nutrition and supplements.

You can help to heal your discs through spinal decompression and light therapy.

You can strengthen your core muscles with the right exercises and you can dramatically relieve your pain with infrared light therapy and some superfoods like Turmeric and Ginger.


Just remember that for maximum results you should combine a few of these natural methods to get rid of your low back pain for good.

Buying a bottle of Turmeric extract alone and expecting it to eliminate your back pain will lead to a huge disappointment.

Combine clean eating with exercise and home spinal decompression and you’ll reap the benefits. Or try self-massage tools, herbal remedies, and infrared light therapy.

Whatever you do – start now. Before some doctor insists that surgery is “the only solution”. O.k.?

To your health and happiness,


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